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Terms of cookies

Cookies are small data files that a Web Håkan store on your computer ado Or DIN mobile device NAR visiting the Site. Most sites use cookies on the Site faceplates COULD work best POSSIBLE. In Some examples of Disco WHAT cookies Can Do:

  • Remember what language you select to ¥ read Site
  • Remembering What you have chosen to book: So you Håkan complete the booking
  • Understand how to use the Website: So we kan do it even better

Listen below describes the cookies we use on our website and Why.

Piwik Analytics

  • Name: _pk_ref
  • Purpose: Identifies the Site visitors are coming from the land on our website. : How Can We Determine which sites are generating the most-Traffic
  • Expires: 6 months

Piwik Analytics

  • Name: _pk_id
  • Purpose: Avoids To count a person to Times When we count how many people visit our website
  • Expires: 2 years

Piwik Analytics

  • Name: _pk_ses
  • Purpose: Has overview Where dring on Site Our
  • Expires: 30 Minutes

Booking Suite, Inc.

  • Name: landing
  • Purpose: Stores information about which side of the Site Our you Forst lands on
  • Expires: När you close your browser ado

Booking Suite, Inc.

  • Name: Promocode
  • Purpose: Saves a Possible Promotional As Available URL When you land on the Site. We recall the website When you search for a living to a BETTER price.
  • Expires: När you close your browser ado

Amazon Web Services

  • Name: AWSELB
  • Purpose: splitting the traffic to Kaboodle Different machines: So everyone Håkan Experiencing Fast speed
  • Expires: 30 Minutes

go daddy

  • Name: jsessionid
  • Purpose: An emblem on the Site As Displays domain owner
  • Expires: När closing Site ado

Most browsers allow some control of cookies in your browser preferences. If you want more information on cookies, which cookies As used and how Håkan manage and delete them, Håkan visit or